Rotating bi-spherical roller for wood therapy treatments

With the rotating bi-spherical roller you can work the back, reduce back pain and muscle spasms, being highly effective in the treatment of wood therapy, also reaffirms and molds the figure. 

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Modifications in muscle texture and volume with the usual loss of strength, are observed as people get older, all because physical activity is reduced, are performed at low intensity and tend to sedentary life, factors that lead to a decrease in the mobilization of body fat with the consequence that these fatty components begin to accumulate in certain areas of the body. Biologically these facts start to show up at approximately 30 years of age, at 50 years of age they become more evident and accelerate vertiginously from 70 years of age onwards.

However, the above situation can be considerably improved and even reversed in some cases, if treated with the help of an adequate diet, the practice of appropriate physical exercises and the application of collateral procedures applied externally, which effectively contribute to gaining and reaffirming muscle mass and mobilizing unwanted accumulations of fat. All this allows to obtain a physically pleasant figure and a balanced mind devoid of conflicts.

Among these collateral means, the use of wood therapy has a predominant role, a technique that has been sustained and popularized through time due to its characteristics of giving excellent and proven results, it is available to all public and it is not invasive.

In Woodworking therapy, devices made of noble wood are used, which are rubbed and vibrated on the surface of the skin. There is a great variability of instruments to adapt to the body lines.

Among these designed devices is the rotating bi-spherical roller, very useful to reaffirm and shape the body figure, increasing or improving muscle mass by providing the muscles with greater tension or resistance whose loss causes flaccidity. However, the rotating bi-spherical roller was specially designed to work at the back level, where besides favoring muscle reactivation and fat redistribution, it is effective in eliminating muscle spasms and also reducing back pain.

Toning up the muscles of the back is a common objective for both women and men, and this is guaranteed with the application of the rotating bi-spherical roller, as long as the technique is carried out by people who are familiar with it. In a simple way, it can be referred to that initially it must be applied by making firm slides from the upper back towards the waist with the roller. It is also necessary to know the anatomical distribution of the muscles in the region, because then the slide must be made from the central and upper insertion site of the muscle to the peripheral and lower insertion site of the same. In both cases, the sliding of the rotating biphasic roller must be accompanied by vibration movements to help remove and reduce the accumulated fat that contributes to diminish the physiological conditions of the muscles.

Another advantage offered by the use of the rotating bispherical roller is that it helps to mobilize and drain liquids that commonly accumulate in areas where the muscles have lost their normal activity, which contributes to the formation of edematized areas that slow down the blood and lymphatic circulation in that area; thus creating a harmful circle between water retention, circulatory alteration and loss of muscular physiology, feeding each of these three factors to the other two, a situation that can be overcome with the application of wood therapy.

The enormous benefits offered by the rotating bi-spherical roller for toning, hardening, reaffirming and strengthening muscles does not in itself lead to an increase in muscle volume, which is one of the doubts that women fear from its application. It is necessary to clarify that the increase in muscle volume is intimately associated with testosterone levels that are high in men and very low in women; therefore it is difficult and even impossible for women to develop large muscle volumes.

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Rotating bi-spherical roller for wood therapy treatments