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Fixed bi-spherical roller for wood therapy treatments

Fixed bi-spherical roller: ideal woodworking instrument for pre-warming and shaping the figure. It is used in the form of a paddle, breaking the adipocytes found in the skin. It fights flaccidity and reaffirms the areas of the skin that have lost collagen. This type of massage activates the microcirculation of the treated area and eliminates liquid retention.

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The use of this tool in the application of wood therapy has as main objective to help the shaping of the figure to obtain ideal physical body shapes, which helps to improve self-esteem, contributing significantly in improving the mental health of people mainly in the female sex.

However, the massages with the fixed bi-spherical roller have been generalized with another purpose as it is the preheating, condition this that favors and optimizes the heating itself. Taking into consideration that physical body warming is the combination of muscle and joint exercises, which must be performed in an orderly and gradual way, that conditions the body to achieve an adequate physical performance, at the same time avoiding and preventing muscle contractures and other muscle and joint injuries, the pre-warming up phase becomes very important, which is the stage where the body's cellular and biological conditions are adapted so that the bone, joint and muscle components do not experience any functional or physical damage.

Due to the above, the fixed biphasic roller plays an important role as a warm-up aid and its use in massage sessions is very popular with sportsmen and women. Its manufacture from noble woods and its particular design formed by two fixed spheres joined by a small axis that form a unitary piece, allows to exert pressure at the same time in two muscular segments; in addition, it must be used making movements like oars, which contributes in an effective way to the rupture of fatty cells, to the recovery of collagen fibers, to the elimination of extra cellular liquids and fundamentally to improve the microcirculation of the treated corporal zone. These functions provided by the fixed bispherical roller, obviously improve cellular and tissue conditions to face the actions of heating.

With the application of massages using the fixed bispherical roller, flaccidity is eliminated and the dermal regions that have lost collagen are recovered and reaffirmed. On the other hand, it increases the blood flow by increasing the supply of oxygen to the tissues, thus increasing the elimination of carbon dioxide and other toxic elements for the cells. It also helps to mobilize fat accumulations and retained liquids in the area due to a possible previous bad circulation.

When the fixed bi-spherical roller is used for body shaping, it is recommended to apply it with a sustained pressure on the area to be treated while performing vibratory movements. In the case of shaping the waist, it is advisable to slide the fixed biphysical roller from up to down, seeking to give the desired shape to the contour of the waist; while for lifting the buttocks, the pressure and slide is initiated in the back of the leg at the level of the popliteal zone, that is, behind the knee, and it is ascended until it reaches the gluteal zone.

The fixed bi-spherical roller is also used in cases of muscular tension and spasms, since it mobilizes liquids and promotes cell metabolism, and the myocells recover their functionality and can thus perform the contraction and relaxation movements in an appropriate manner. In cases of cellulite or circumscribed dermal lipomas, the fixed bispherical roller is also very effective because it helps to break the intercellular connections of the adipocytes, achieving the mobilization of the same, which through the lymphatic circulation are transferred to the lymph nodes, incorporated into the return blood circulation, to finally be excreted by the urine.

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Fixed bi-spherical roller for wood therapy treatments