Facial table for wood therapy treatments

The Facial Chart is ideal for working on the face, neck and jowl reduction area, shaping and augmentation of the bust and attenuation of expression lines. Achieving a true contour of the face, its effect is reaffirming and aims at producing elastin and collagen, in addition to regenerating blood circulation and strengthening the face. 

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Wood therapy is a very popular treatment in the area of aesthetics and is based on the use of wooden tools or instruments to restore the tone or tension of the skin, mainly in the face and neck, although it is also used to reaffirm the bust and there are those who apply it in the areas of hips, abdomen and thighs, in the latter cases tends to apply when there are manifestations of cellulite.

Wood therapy is a non-invasive method that uses wooden instruments that are rubbed against the skin in different intensities and frequencies, according to the degree of damage to be solved. Each instrument has a different shape according to the body site where it is going to be applied, since it must be adapted to the natural curves of the human body, in order to mold it and improve it as much as possible.

Among the instruments used in wood therapy, the Facial Board is very popular and must be manufactured with an ergonomic design, from cedar wood, which gives it softness and lightness for better handling and obtaining the expected goal.

The Facial Board works on the area of the face and neck and reduces considerably the jowls, shapes and visibly attenuates the expression lines of the forehead, cheeks and eye area giving very interesting and effective aesthetic results. It has a firming effect on the skin layers, because its function is to reactivate the production of elastin and collagen, which together with the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C give the skin firmness and elasticity, improving at the same time the blood circulation, which is achieved by toning the skin.

Collagen is an essential protein present in all body tissues and is a kind of adherent and supporting substance for other cytological structures. At the skin level, its function is to give the skin firmness and an adequate structure, allowing the skin to remain firm and elastic.

Elastin also performs structural functions in the tissues; however, it is responsible for providing the skin with a greater degree of elasticity than resistance. Even though it is less abundant than collagen, it has a particular way of being arranged at the skin level, being arranged in the form of fibers and forming a kind of network, which helps to keep the skin firm.

Unfortunately, with the passing of time the production of collagen and elastin is reduced and the scarce quantity that is generated is less strong and more disorganized, with the consequence that the skin loses its firmness and its structure that is translated in the appearance of a flaccid skin.

In these cases, the use of the Facial Table plays an important role, because its application, carried out by trained and knowledgeable people, manages to quickly and safely regenerate the elastic and reaffirming function of both elastin and collagen, offering more evident results than those provided by the topical application of creams.

Wood therapy has entered the world of aesthetics, completely revolutionizing this discipline due to its practical advantages, making it an important alternative in the search for personal well-being. The results obtained thanks to this new technique are highly visible and in a very short time the desired changes are seen.

Its good results help to eliminate stress and accumulated fatigue, helping to recover mental and physical balance, also helping to enjoy periods of rest and more complete and relaxed sleep, thus improving general health conditions. In addition to these benefits, it is a technique that is easy to apply and affordable.

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Facial table for wood therapy treatments