Spherical facial roller for wood therapy treatment

The spherical facial roller is the one that during the wood therapy massages reaffirms the face, tones up and attenuates the lines of expression. It is a high quality tool made of 100% cedar and with excellent finishes that adapt to the body's physiognomy.

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The skin not only constitutes the initial protection for all the body's tissue organs, but it is also the expression of diverse manifestations of the state of physical and emotional health. It also shows in a very evident way the decrease of the vitality and metabolic cellular strength, which is the biological base of all tissue.

The state of the skin changes throughout life, influenced by factors as diverse as climate, pollution, stress, medications received, genetic factors and the care or neglect that has been devoted to it. Apart from all these aspects that influence the quality of the skin, with the passage of time this tissue diminishes its volume and solidity, losing its natural turgidity, acquiring an aspect marked by fine lines and the fearsome wrinkles appear, accompanied by a focused hyperpigmentation.

Faced with this situation, either for health reasons or for aesthetic reasons, people logically seek to avoid the appearance of signs of skin abuse or if they are already present try to eliminate them or at least attenuate their presence. It is there where the aesthetic treatments have fundamental importance and among these one of the most effective and accepted is the Maderotherapy, which is a holistic technique with the capacity to stimulate the body materially, transforming this effect in the generation of greater energy. The technique consists of applying massages at a corporal level, by means of elements designed with noble woods, of different sizes, types and designs that adapt to the different zones from the body.

Among these elements, the well-known spherical facial roller has been designed, which is very effective in eliminating fat from the face, neck, shoulders and bust areas, with the great advantage of being a natural, non-invasive aesthetic aid, which provides positive, long-lasting effects and which therefore lacks the risks of undergoing surgery.

The Spherical Facial Roller is useful for relaxing the facial muscles, at the same time as it strengthens them, tones them up and even increases their volume, rejuvenating the face by visibly diminishing the expression lines on the forehead, cheeks and around the eyes. On the other hand, it removes the fat that is distributed in an inadequate way, draining it and leaving the skin smooth and shiny. In short, it is a high quality tool with excellent finishes that are adapted to facial physiognomy.

It is also ideal for shaping and increasing the volume of the bust, increasing the effect of this modality of wood therapy by applying reducing oils. To obtain the desired and lasting effect, the use of the roller should be accompanied by healthy living habits, an adequate diet and physical exercise.

The Spherical Facial Roller is an alternative for health and wellbeing, having an ergonomic design it becomes an easy tool for the specialist in aesthetics.

It is important to keep in mind that the face is where the manifestations of physical and emotional tension and stress in general are most evident. In these cases it is highly recommended to apply massages with the Spherical Facial Roller, apart from its great usefulness in anti-aging treatments and even as a preamble to the application of professional make-up as it optimizes the conditions of the facial skin and produces a feeling of rest.

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Spherical facial roller for wood therapy treatment

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