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Short handle facial roller for wood therapy treatment

Short handle facial roller that helps us through massages in wood therapy to attenuate and tone expression lines, promote circulation and mobilization of fat, with no aggression to your skin, unlike other types of treatments and without giving up visible effects. 

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It is part of the wide variety of instruments used in wood therapy, a non-invasive technique that is becoming more and more popular among the population because of its fast and evident results. Wooden devices are used, it is recommended that they are made of cedar, which are manufactured by adapting them to the natural lines and curvatures of the human body according to the body site where it is to be used. This adaptability guarantees the total absence of tissue damage and of any kind of discomfort or pain, apart from the fact that the technique must be applied by expert people who know properly the intensities and frequency of use.

Among all the diversity of devices available in Wooden Therapy are the rollers and there are, at the same time, several types of rollers that are used according to the characteristics of the patient's skin and the degree of adiposity it presents.

The short handle facial roller, reaffirms the face and helps to attenuate and tone up expression lines on the face, without causing alterations to the skin as it is a natural non-invasive technique.

The Short Handle Facial Roller, which is very easy to use by the specialist, has the specific function of providing relaxing massages in the facial area, thus rejuvenating the face by strengthening and lifting the facial muscles, while toning the skin of the face, visibly attenuating and diminishing the expression lines of the forehead, cheeks, around the eyes and in general in the whole area of the face. It is also useful for toning and reaffirming the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

The Short Handle Facial Roller helps through massages in Woodworking to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, favoring the mobilization of fat, with no aggression to the skin and muscles, unlike other types of treatments, with the added advantage of offering quick and visible effects.

With the Wooden Therapy sessions using the Short Handle Facial Roller we also manage to eliminate stress and accumulated fatigue, helping to recover the mental and physical balance. On the other hand, its application translates into periods of rest and sleep with greater relaxation, duration and depth, which is highly beneficial for people who suffer from insomnia.

Wood therapy has become essential to counteract skin aging, which, like all body tissues, experiences a continuous wear of its cells that acquire a slowed down metabolism that produces lack of energy. At the level of the skin there is a decrease in elasticity, changes in texture, generally making the superficial dermal layer thinner.

This causes the dreaded flaccidity to appear, which is the disappearance of the skin's firmness as a result of the reduction, both in quantity and quality, of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for providing support, elasticity and firmness to the skin. This whole process is a natural evolution in higher animals, including human beings. However, for various reasons in some people this cycle is accelerated and appears at early ages, talking then about premature aging.

It is in these last cases where the use of the Short Handle Facial Roller reaches its maximum usefulness, since its effects include lifting the facial muscles, toning the skin, diminishing the expression lines and reaffirming the skin of the face and neck.

The specialists in the application of this technique affirm that the changes are evident from the first session; however, lasting results are achieved after at least fifteen applications, and it is advisable to reinforce the treatment at least every six months.

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Short handle facial roller for wood therapy treatment