Grooved facial roller for wood therapy treatment

Facial Stretch Roller works directly on facial muscles, neck injuries, as well as with skin toning and proper attenuation. It is able to stimulate circulation in this area and balance the body's energy. 

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In the procedures with Maderoterapia the use of the Facial Stretch Roller is a valid alternative to improve the health and to obtain the emotional and corporal well-being necessary to take a satisfactory life. With its ergonomic design it becomes an easy to use tool for the expert. The main function of this instrument is to remove badly placed fat, draining it and leaving the skin smooth and shiny.

Oils, produced by the so-called sebaceous glands, are a very important part of maintaining the integrity of the skin as a barrier against toxins of any nature and exert an anti-inflammatory effect due to its content in antimicrobial compounds, antioxidants and pheromones.

However, due to simple metabolic problems or health disorders, sometimes the normal fat content is increased, with the amount of fat produced being greater than that which is eliminated; in these cases the fat tends to accumulate in different areas of the body, with the neck, chin, cheeks and around the eyes being among the preferred areas.

This evidently causes aesthetic concern more than health itself; the person begins to worry about his physical appearance and needs professional help to overcome the deteriorated emotional change that such a situation produces.

Solutions are offered by resorting to surgery, but this entails a series of post-operative disorders, as well as high monetary costs. In view of this difficulty, it is highly recommended to remove excess fat and tone the skin by performing facial exercises, which, by strengthening the muscles and reactivating the circulation, boost the fat metabolism and decrease the skin flaccidity at the same time.

It is here where the help of massage specialists plays a fundamental role, and among these are those who adequately handle the methods of Wooden Therapy, a technique that using wooden instruments rubs and massages the skin, with different intensities and frequencies and already pre-established to obtain the desired effect. The specialists have instruments of different forms, designed to adapt to the different body curvatures with the purpose of molding and improving the treated area.

Among these instruments, the facial grooved roller stands out. It can be used on different parts of the body, but it was originally designed for use on the face and neck. This instrument has the ability to stimulate dermal blood microcirculation in addition to reactivating lymphatic circulation.

In addition, it is said to increase the synthesis or formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the source of energy for all cellular processes helping to nourish and oxygenate tissues. Through all these beneficial effects, the Facial Stretch Roller tones the skin and attenuates striations and expression lines, exerts its function directly on the facial and neck muscles, significantly reduces the fat located at the level and around the chin, helps to recover the normal functions of the cervical muscles and gives a positive energy balance to the whole body, helping to recover the mental and physical balance.

The improved skin tone is achieved because the Stretch Mark Facial Roller, when applied professionally, optimizes the production of collagen, elastin and vitamin E, cellular compounds that are essential for the proper functioning of the cells, which in turn gives elasticity and firmness to the skin.

To achieve the best results from the treatment, the use of the Facial Stretch Roller should be reinforced by practicing healthy lifestyle habits, which include a balanced and adequate diet, physical exercise and avoiding the consumption of food and toxic substances.

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Grooved facial roller for wood therapy treatment