Swedish medium firming cup for wood therapy treatment

Swedish medium cup, used to reduce the adiposity found in the waist, abdomen, thighs, back and legs, making a vacuum therapy effect, with movements that move the liquids and fats to the nodes. It is also used to remove excess fluids after draining with the shaping board. It helps to recover the natural aspect of the skin, making it look younger.

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The medium Swedish Cup is part of all the instruments available for the application of the millenary holistic technique known as wood therapy with which, on the one hand, somatic stimulation is achieved to improve the physical appearance of the body and, on the other hand, positive energies are obtained that combat stress and improve the mental sphere of the individual. The basic principle of wood therapy is the application of massages by means of utensils made of noble woods and designed in different shapes and sizes to adapt them to the different parts of the body.

In the particular case of the medium Swedish cup, its use is aimed at reaffirming and improving the shape of the body, eliminating fat and liquids in an easy and natural way without resorting to surgical methods; it also helps to restore the function of some biological elements necessary to give tone and firmness to the skin and muscles; among these elements are the recovery of collagen and fibrin. To obtain these results, the application of wood therapy techniques must be enhanced with a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle habits and continuous physical exercise to help eliminate accumulated fat.

The medium Swedish cup is ideal for treating the waist, back, hips, abdomen and leg areas. Its shaping and reaffirming effect on body contours can be seen from the first massage sessions.

When the medium Swedish cup is placed on the body surface, a vacuum is created and without lifting it, it should be slid, in a sustained manner and applying a certain degree of vibration, towards the ganglionic region closest to the region to be improved, such as the ganglionic groupings of the neck, armpits, umbilical, inguinal and popliteal. The vacuum effect makes the instrument used to reach deep areas of the body surface reaching the muscle layers and thus the fats are broken down and released, and together with the liquids are displaced towards the sites directed by the medium Swedish cup. Some people recommend that for a better removal of the excess of liquids and fats, before using the medium Swedish cup, you should apply massages with the wood therapy moulding table, which helps to restore the natural and rejuvenated aspect of the skin.

It is to emphasize that by its reach to act until deep zones of the corporal contour. The medium Swedish cup directly influences the lymphatic circulation, accelerating the mobilization and elimination of fatty elements. This is one of the great advantages offered by the use of the medium Swedish cup, since its effect of creating a vacuum contributes to diminish the consistency of the rigidly accumulated fat, detaching it from the skin; this facilitates the directed manipulation of the fat content to achieve its elimination by sliding the instrument towards the nodal groups until the expected effect is achieved. This whole process is known as "vacuum therapy", the results of which are incredibly satisfactory. This therapy is equally effective for the elimination of fluids produced by the malfunctioning of some organs such as the kidney, as well as some tissues such as muscle and skin.

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Swedish medium firming cup for wood therapy treatment