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Oilcan for wood therapy treatments

Oil, this instrument has a double function: through the wood therapy to massage the desired area and at the same time nourish the skin with oils. The massage given with the oilcan is effective in reducing stress levels, activating cell renewal and eliminating back and neck pain. 

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Wood therapy is a holistic practice that over time has proven effective in stimulating energies and positively balancing various mental processes, thus helping to counteract and reduce stress. On the other hand, wood therapy helps to eliminate muscular and joint pain, helping to reduce the symptoms in people with arthritic syndromes and muscular ailments such as fibromyalgia, so common nowadays mainly due to the existing levels of contamination that favour the lowering of immunological defences which in turn predispose to suffer from these pathologies, also influencing bad postural and eating habits.

Centers dedicated to aesthetic treatments have been incorporating among their specialties the techniques of wood therapy because with them one obtains in a fast and efficient way the reaffirmation and tonification of the whole body, with true reducing effects on having guaranteed the elimination of fats and located liquids.

The versatility of this discipline lies partly in the great diversity of implements it uses, which are manufactured from noble woods and designed following the natural forms of the human body. The ideal and recommendable is to apply the massages using these wooden pieces, using together the application of oils, balsams and creams that in a simple way give more facility to the displacement of the used wooden instrument; but in addition, these special oils have a repairing result and of relaxation of the mental sphere of the patient and improve his physical conditions.

In spite of all the advantages mentioned above, another sensational implement has been introduced such as the oil dispenser for wood therapy treatments, which in a unique way, with its use fulfills a double objective, as it has a massaging function, as well as a nourishing activity with the simultaneous application of oils. Specifically it is quite effective in the elimination of neck and back pain, stimulating cellular restoration and decreasing stress.

The massages to be performed with the oilcan for wood therapy treatments should have combined movements and performed simultaneously, they should be alternated up and down and moving the instrument in a circular way.

To obtain better results, both aesthetic and repairing health conditions, the use of oils is more recommended than the use of creams and balsams. The oils used with the oilcan for wood therapy treatments have to be of the highest purity and the most indicated is that they are the so called ecological oils, which are oils prepared and distilled naturally and without having been submitted to chemical processes of preservation or for changes of colour, aromas or density.

There is a variety of these organic oils, among them are olive oil, which is a natural moisturizer because of its high content of natural fatty acids; argan oil, indicated for oily skins because of its high content of vitamin E, antioxidants and linoleic acid; almond oil, which is very effective when there are skin irritations and desquamations; rosehip oil with anti-aging and skin cell regenerating action, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C; sesame oil helps to recover flaccidity and eliminate stretch marks, is suitable for dry skin and protects against UV radiation; jojoba oil with a high content of fatty acids and vitamins A and E helps regenerate superficial skin cells.

The qualities of any of these oils increase exponentially when they are applied by means of the oil for wood therapy treatments, since this instrument of wood therapy guarantees its better penetration to the tissues of the treated area and therefore its effect is greater; being advisable to use the oil that has greater compatibility with the type of skin of the treated person.

In summary, the use of oil for wood therapy treatments has been extended for aesthetic and healing purposes due to its proven effectiveness in reducing accumulated fat and eliminating liquids, which helps to tone and firm the tissues and promote a controlled weight loss.

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Oilcan for wood therapy treatments