Anti-cellulite Kit-Pack for woodworking therapies and treatments

Anti-Cellulite Pack is used to improve and regulate lymphatic circulation, reaffirms and tones up the layers of the epidermis. Each element of the pack has a specific function but all have the objective of reducing and mobilizing the accumulated fat that produces cellulite. 

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The Anti-Cellulite Kit consists of several wooden instruments that are used to massage specific areas of the body, such as the back, hips and abdomen. It helps to progressively decrease the accumulated fat until it is completely eliminated, this is achieved thanks to the activation of microcirculation avoiding the retention of liquids. This kit also helps to shape the buttocks giving them an elevated and firm appearance.

Within the world of wood therapy, this ingenious Anti-Cellulite Kit-Pack is one of the most sought after and used by users, mainly in aesthetic centers that are dedicated to treating cellulite. Every day there are more aesthetic centers that add to give utility to this holistic technique that gives effective results in the short term, without the need to resort to the scalpel.

This anti-cellulite wood therapy treatment is excellent and 100% effective to combat that uncomfortable fat that accumulates in different areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs and hips, through the activation of microcirculation in the massaged areas. In this way, "Anti-cellulite wood therapy" becomes your ally in the battle against fluid retention.

Among the instruments of wood therapy most used for this purpose are, the Modelling Board, The Swedish Cup with or without roller, The smooth or corncob roller, The Mushroom; all these designed to fulfill a certain function but in general they work to activate the microcirculation helping in the elimination of both fat and toxins accumulated in specific areas of the body besides shaping, reaffirming and toning the different layers that form the epidermis.

Therefore, the use of this Kit-Pack is effective in toning flaccid skin caused by the user's excessive weight or some other skin deformation. The material implemented in the manufacture of these instruments for anti-cellulite wood therapy is important to achieve a total relaxation and high energy stimulation and thus provide a true sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

Taking into account that wood therapy consists of holistic techniques where both therapeutic and aesthetic massages are applied using various instruments made of wood, but not just any kind of wood, it must be able to provide the user's physical and mental balance as well as reaffirm and tone the human body. Getting results as the elimination gives the retention of liquids and therefore avoiding the appearance of cellulite.

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Anti-cellulite Kit-Pack for woodworking therapies and treatments

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