Body pack for wood therapy and treatments

Body Pack, in this pack each element used fulfills a certain function, but as a whole the main objective is the reduction and mobilization of the fat that is located towards the nodes closest to the area being treated.

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In the last years, wood therapy has acquired a great diffusion and acceptance by the public, in spite of the fact that it is a millenary technique that initially was limited to the oriental cultures. Its high and growing acceptance today is due to the fact that the results it offers are palpable in a short time and are long lasting if they are reinforced with a healthy lifestyle, an adequate diet and the constant practice of physical exercises.

In wood therapy, tools or utensils made of strong and resistant woods, commonly called noble woods, are used as working means. These tools are designed to fulfill specific functions; that is to say, some are conceived to adapt anatomically to the sinuosities of the human body, in the case of moulding tables; and others, besides having this characteristic, have other peculiarities such as exerting punctual pressure as rollers with buckets do, or functioning as suction devices whose best example is the Swedish cups.

With wood therapy, the patient is offered intense but non-invasive massages that can have shaping, lipo-reducing, draining and anti-cellulite effects. The effects of these massages are enhanced with the complementary use of special oils.

The success that wood therapy has had has led to the idea of offering the application of its different tools together with the purpose of performing a variety of massages, offering, in addition to the objectives mentioned above, the resolution of other conditions such as muscle tension and contraction, pain and edema or swelling. The use of this conglomerate of tools is known with the Woodworking Body Pack.

The implementation of the Body Pack was conceived due to the knowledge that each system or body region has specific properties and at the same time different from other regions, that is why the Body Pack is integrated by several instruments that can be applied in different parts of the body. This is how a Body Pack can offer tools to exercise its functions in the abdomen, waist and legs; others to be applied in legs, back and bust; some to be used in buttocks, legs and abdomen, and in this way an infinite number of combinations are presented that are enriched by the wide variety of these elements made of wood.

An indispensable element that must always be present in every body pack are the special oils and gels, relaxing and/or reducing, which give more fluidity to the tools used and also have a relaxing and repairing effect on the mental and physical conditions of the patient.

The diversity of tools that make up each one contributes to giving flexibility and variability to the application of the different therapies that need to be performed, which favors the application of more complete treatments with greater and better results.

With the wood therapy sessions using the body pack, the dermal exfoliation, the reaffirmation of the skin and the muscles, the degradation, detachment and elimination of the fat, as well as the elimination of liquids and the lymphatic drainage are also achieved.

The versatility of results achieved with the use of wood therapy has led to the establishment of a kind of specialization of the Body packs offered to the public. Thus we have the existence of anti-cellulite packs, detoxifying and draining packs, liquid reducing packs, reaffirming and reducing packs, anti-stretch mark packs, moisturizing packs and anti-aging packs.

The function and quality of all the instruments offered in the different Body packs, make them important means to improve the body and mental indisposition, until they manage to stabilize and optimize the health conditions of the patients who get to improve their quality of life becoming positive and more useful to society.


Excelente pack de maderoterapias

Excelente pack para iniciar el negocio de los masajes con maderoterapias. quisas hecho en falta algún video curso para comprar de una vez todo el paquete completo de iniciación a las terapias con madera. gracias!

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    Body pack for wood therapy and treatments

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