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Large Swedish cup long line for wood therapy treatments

Large Swedish cup long line, thanks to its spectacular ergonomic design, makes a suction effect on the skin, similar to a vacuum cleaner. The movements are made towards the lymph nodes. This treatment of wood therapy, allows to reduce localized adiposity, molds the thighs, waist, back and abdomen. 

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The use of the Swedish Cup long line is effective to reduce and eliminate the fats and liquids that accumulate abnormally at the level of the skin and subcutaneous muscles and that frequently can constitute serious problems in the personality of those who present these situations, because they manage to deform in such a way some zones of the body, that they get to produce conditions of rejection towards their own physical figure.

Due to its specific design, the Swedish Long Cape Cup is based on exercising its functions by means of the effect of the vacuum applied to the body surface, which favors the loss of the consistency of the fatty deposits, making them more lax, which facilitates the detachment and mobilization of the fatty cells or adipocytes, optimizing their transport for their final elimination. Its advantage is that in addition to its effectiveness in eliminating liquids and fat deposits, it helps to positively shape the treated area, especially if its use is combined with the application of massages with the shaping board, which is also widely used in wood therapy. With the synchronization of both instruments, the microcirculation of the area where the massage is applied is improved, restoring the functionality of the massage by eliminating liquids and abnormally accumulated fat, which results in better toning of the skin and nearby tissues and having as a final result an invigorated and strengthened skin.

Its most widespread application is for the regions of the body where adipose tissue tends to accumulate more easily and where, paradoxically, it is more difficult to remove, such as the abdomen, thighs, legs, back and waist. In these areas, when receiving the effect of the vacuum conferred by the Swedish cup, the adipocytes are detached from the skin and can be displaced by moving and sliding the Swedish cup long line towards the sites of location of the lymph nodes that have among other functions to drain and eliminate excess fat and liquids.

As mentioned above, the Swedish Cup long line is very useful in cases of making necessary lymphatic drains when there is a pathological accumulation of fluids and that manifests itself as a skin edema or "swelling", produced by a pre-existing disease or by the use of some medication. When this edematous condition becomes chronic, it is recommended to perform lymphatic drainage, which consists of massages that improve the circulation of the lymph with the help of soft and slow movements. Its initial effect is on the blood circulation system and finally on the lymphatic circulation. The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to mobilize retained liquids and thus also to eliminate toxic and/or waste substances that help to retain liquids.

The Swedish Long Rope Cup used in wood therapy techniques must be made with rigid and durable woods commonly known as hardwoods, among which cedar stands out for its greater use for this purpose. The nature of the wood used generates greater ease when exerting the desired vacuum effect. On the other hand, the superficial edge of the glass must have a particular curvature to adapt to the most bulky parts of the body and thus facilitate obtaining the desired and required vacuum effect.

Its particular design of being provided with a long handle or grip gives it a better handling, mainly to be used in extensive body regions, thus facilitating the handling of the instrument and applying various massages to optimize the results.

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Large Swedish cup long line for wood therapy treatments