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Grooved Roller for wood therapy treatments

With the corncob grooved roller, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are activated, and the nervous system is stimulated for its correct relaxation. It facilitates the elimination of accumulated adiposites in the skin. 

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The Grooved Roller type cob is an instrument of common use for those who apply the Wood therapy and was designed, like most of the tools used in this millennial technique to eliminate the stress and to mold the corporal forms in search of more perfect contours; effects that are obtained making the well-known muscular therapies, that can be optimized with the use of oils with particular chemical properties. Nevertheless, its utility rebounds the aesthetic one because with the use of the Maderoterapia beneficial effects are obtained for the reestablishment of some physical corporal annoyances and improves the emotional state definitively when diminishing the nervous tension.

The Grooved Roller type Mazorca has a very particular design since its surface is not smooth but in all its extension it presents longitudinal channels and transverse channels that cross in a right angle, resulting in a set of squared projections and from there its name "type cob". These gridded emergencies are technically called multipoints, which provides greater point contact with the tissue to be treated, accelerating and improving the release and removal of fatty substances, while speeding up lymphatic drainage.

The Striated Roller type Mazorca is of high efficiency to counteract the cellulite having in consideration that this suffering is produced when the circulation is slowed down, so much blood as lymphatic, at level of the hypodermis of the skin, which is the layer where there is bigger accumulation of fat. Cellulite is more frequent in women than in men and it has been suggested that its appearance is due to hormonal conditions typical of the female sex, which cause the fat to deposit forming nodules and among them depressions are formed which are the well-known "dimples" typical of cellulite. The aesthetic treatments together with a suitable diet help to improve the circulation increasing the cellular metabolism, therefore they favor the mobilization of the fatty deposits, improving the condition of cellulite.

With the Grooved Roller type Mazorca can work properly at the level of the thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, abdomen and legs, areas where it is more common to appear cellulite, as well as in the arms although in this region is less usual.

This accessory was designed to counteract muscle spasms and contractures, favoring the relaxation of these tissues by accelerating the release of fat. For the adequate use of the Grooved Roller type Mazorca it is recommended to make it rotate at the same time that pressure must be made on the area to be treated and it slides in an ascending form and directing it towards the nearest lymphatic drainage area, such as the inguinal region, the popliteal area and the armpit. Zigzag and circular movements can be added to these straight and upward movements; the latter improve the firming, reducing and anti-cellulite effect of this accessory, contributing to a great extent to the disappearance of the unpleasant "orange peel" appearance typical of cellulite and to achieving an aesthetic and pleasant shaping of the body, thanks to its lipolytic action that reduces the volume of the adipocytes or fat cells.

With the use of the Striated Roller type Ear, the cleaning of the area where it is applied is obtained, since it manages to oxygenate and detoxify the tissues achieving a metabolic balance that in turn creates a sensation of well-being, eliminated in stress. It is also referred to that with the optimization of the circulation the production of neurotrasmissoses in the nervous system is stimulated, which helps relaxation.

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Grooved Roller for wood therapy treatments