Facial cup for wood therapy treatments

The wood therapy facial cup is ideal for working on the cheekbone area and giving it greater firmness. Its objective is to tone the neck and face, improve circulation and help mobilize adipocytes, as well as lift the facial muscle and its drainage.

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In the last few years, wood therapy has gained greater acceptance from the public, because it has been proven to be highly effective from both a health and aesthetic point of view and to be an affordable alternative. The technique is applied successfully to model different areas of the body, eliminating at the same time the excesses of fat, cellulite, stretch marks and expression lines, managing to reduce stress and relax the body.

One of the most requested applications is facial wood therapy, probably because it is the area that presents every human being, which reflects the mood of the person, but unfortunately also experiences early the natural deterioration that produces the passage of time.

We have designed and manufactured from noble woods, several attachments to be used in Wood Therapy, adapting them to the body anatomy and in a particular way to the face and neck regions, taking into consideration that these areas and even the shoulders, are areas that need to be treated with softness and delicacy given the intrinsic conditions they have.

One of the most used instruments for this purpose is the Facial Cup, which with its ergonomic design is an accessory of easy handling by the expert in the application of the technique, guaranteeing excellent results in the resolution of undesirable aesthetic situations.

Experts in the field affirm that its use is simple, taking into consideration that the muscular anatomy of the area to be treated must be well known, since to obtain unbeatable results the Facial Cup must be placed in the lower part of the muscle and must be slid gently and in an ascending manner towards the upper part of the same. To achieve the desired effect, the hole opposite the cup itself must be covered, that is, the one at the base of the instrument, this with the purpose of producing a vacuum and suction effect that facilitates the effectiveness of the treatment.

The Facial Cup achieves the strengthening of the facial muscles, reaffirming and toning the skin, this is obtained thanks to the fact that it stimulates the production of substances and chemical elements essential for the good functioning of cells and tissues, specifically those indispensable for improving the texture and functionality of the tissue, such as collagen and elastin, respectively responsible for the firmness and flexibility of the dermal layers.

The use of the Facial Cup also stimulates the blood and lymphatic microcirculation which helps, in an appropriate way, to tone the skin. This benefit is achieved because the use of the Facial Cup improves blood circulation, cellular oxygenation and the introduction of nutrients into the cells; while the improvement of lymphatic circulation favours the elimination of toxic and waste elements produced by the tissue itself and which are no longer useful for its functioning, thus creating a perfect biological environment for cellular functioning.

It should be noted that some specialists recommend that before starting the treatment with the Facial Cup, a facial cleaning should be done in order to remove superficial contaminants and through an exfoliation eliminate dead cells, which favors the results sought with the application of wood therapy.

With the Facial Cup, poorly distributed fat is also removed, such as that which accumulates near the chin. This is very useful when the patient is subjected to restricted diets for the effects of slimming diets, because these can have safe results on the rest of the body but generally do not have the same scope for the neck areas.

The use of the Facial Cup is magnificent for improving muscle dynamics and movements, producing feelings of tranquility, rest and relaxation, which in turn produces healthy stimuli for the whole body.

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Facial cup for wood therapy treatments