Swedish cup breast firming treatment Woodworking

Swedish cup is ideal for the bust, another key point of wood therapy. This instrument is used to remove misplaced fat and drain it to where it is required or outside the body. It also helps to shape and increase the volume of the breasts. 

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The Swedish cups are mainly used to fight localized fat conglomerates and mold body regions such as the buttocks, waist, abdomen and thighs. These tools, frequently used in the application of wood therapy treatments, exert a suction or vacuum effect on the treated area, improving circulation, toning up the tissues and therefore improving the physical appearance and appearance of the region where the therapy is applied.

The Swedish Bust Firming Cup helps to keep the bust in shape while toning and shaping it and can contribute to increasing the volume of the bust. The shaping and toning of the bust, which ultimately results in the firming and strengthening of the breast tissue, is achieved with the application of the Swedish Breast Firming Cup because it is an ideal instrument for removing misplaced fat and draining it to other regions of the body or eliminating it from the body definitively.

It is very important that the treatment with the Swedish Breast Enhancement Cup be performed by an expert in the use of wood therapy techniques and that it properly handles the basic anatomical concepts of the breast tissue. This is not only advisable but indispensable, because the incorrect use of this accessory can cause lesions in the mammary glands, such as damaging the shape of the bust up to affecting the blood and lymph capillaries, as well as the lactiferous ducts, which not only affects the physical aspect of the bust but also, and very importantly, the physiology and functionality of this important region of the human body.

It is recommended that in order to obtain the reaffirming and lifting effect of the bust, the Swedish cup should be placed around each bust, in the most peripheral area of the bust and make continuous movements towards the nipple; this should be done continuously, without stopping, for periods of 20 minutes on each bust, alternating between one and the other and repeating at least two or three times in each daily session. Even though it is stated that changes are obtained from the beginning of the treatment, long-lasting results are obtained after applying a minimum of 15 sessions.

The increase in breast volume is best achieved by combining the use of the Swedish Breast Firming Cup with the application of specific oils for that purpose, accompanied by adequate physical exercise and a healthy diet. In this way, the breast can be shaped and increased in size without having to resort to surgical procedures that are financially costly and involve post-operative risks.

The success of the use of the Swedish cups is due to their particular design of hollow or concave, which gives them a penetrating effect that makes the massage reach deep into the tissues. For this reason and like the other versions of Swedish cups, its application is highly useful to reduce the adiposities of the waist, back, abdomen, thighs, legs and of course, the bust. To achieve this effect, the sliding of the Swedish cup, which reaffirms the bust, must be directed towards the nearest node grouping, which in this case is the armpits. This facilitates the movement of adipocytes and fluid towards the nodes by means of lymphatic circulation and the definitive elimination of these.

Another very important recommendation to carry out this millenary therapy is to know previously the health situation of the individual to be treated, guaranteeing that the breast tissue is in adequate biological conditions.

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Swedish cup breast firming treatment Woodworking