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Large Swedish cup short line for wood therapy

Large Swedish cup held short during wood therapy makes a suction effect on the skin, helping to locate and drain to the lymph nodes the fats and liquids found in the skin. This treatment improves circulation, increases the gluteal area and tones up the thighs and back.  

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In the same way that all the varied and different attachments required for the application of wood therapy, the large Swedish cup short rope is manufactured with woods of high hardness and proven uniformity, characteristics found in the well-known fine woods such as ebony, mahogany, oak and cedar. The large Swedish cup Cabo Corto has a relatively large diameter and its surface circumference is not uniform, on the contrary it is designed with certain curvatures that allow it to adapt to the contours or sinuosities of the body. For its handling and handling it is provided with a relatively short handle in comparison to the circumference of the cup itself.

The short handle of this type of cup, according to some therapists, offers greater ease of handling. The wide diameter of the cup, which can make it difficult to move the instrument, is counterbalanced by the small size of the handle.

Similar to the other Swedish cup models, its best effect is achieved when used with the wood therapy moulding table, since the joint application of both types of massage, stimulate and energize better.

The basis of the action of the large Swedish cup short course is in the production of the suction effect on the dermal extension where it is applied, effect that is achieved by its action as a suction cup and cause a kind of vacuum. This has the advantage that its function extends to the deeper dermal layers and reaches its effect even in the superficial muscles.

The suction effect that the large Swedish cup has on the skin during the wood therapy sessions helps to mobilize and drain the fats and liquids present in an irregular way in the skin layers, at the same time that it improves the microcirculation in the treated area. As its effect reaches the muscles, by repairing the circulation of the area, it also optimizes the muscular functionality, producing more physiological actions of contraction and distension of the muscles, making them have more tone and greater action of movements.

In general, the large Swedish cup short end is used to recover form and function at the level of the back, sides, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and legs; areas where it also helps the anatomical molding of the same, which helps improve the mental sphere of the individual by getting a nice physical figure, which increases their self-esteem and reduces any expression of stress that may exist.

The massages with the large Swedish cup short end must be applied in a unidirectional way, in a linear or zigzag way, towards the places where the lymph nodes are located closest to the treated area, this with the purpose that the substances to be drained, fat and liquids, reach more easily the nodal elements responsible for their degradation and elimination.

On the other hand, with the help of the large Swedish cup short end excellent results are obtained in cases of lipomas or dermal bulges produced by the excessive accumulation of fat cells or adipocytes. In the case of lipomas, these are non-cancerous tumours formed by the concentration of fat cells located under the skin, which form movable lumps. Their most frequent location is on the back, neck, arms and shoulders. These cases require frequent, continuous and long-lasting sessions with the use of the large Swedish cup short end, in order to obtain positive and lasting results; however, these are guaranteed by the suction effect that this device exerts, which effectively detaches and mobilizes the fat deposits.

Positive results when using it are obtained from the first sessions of wood therapy, being recommended to have definitive effects, to fulfill cycles of at least 15 sessions with a duration of each one of at least 20 minutes. In the case of the lipomas, for its solution it becomes necessary to be more contusive in the application of massages with the big Swedish cup short course, being recommended a greater number of sessions and greater duration of each one of the same ones.

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Large Swedish cup short line for wood therapy