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Y-shaped drainage board for wood therapy treatments

Sink Table and ideal for working in the anterior part of the neck and back. The Y-shaped drainage board takes care of the front and back of the neck, decreasing the jowls and relaxing the facial muscles. It is also used in wood therapy to work on the upper limbs and drainage at the calf and leg level. 

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It is an instrument that forms a significant part in the use of wood therapy as an important resource in aesthetic treatments and therapies, which is a millenary practice originated in China based on the application of massages using utensils made of wood. Its secret lies in the fact that they should not be manufactured from any type of wood, but rather the so-called noble woods should be used, among which cedar stands out.

These noble woods are recognized by the uniformity and hardness they possess, which gives them great resistance and allows them to receive a perfect sizing to obtain very particular forms. These characteristics guarantee that we can design instruments of different sizes and very peculiar shapes to be adapted to the different parts of the body, with the aim of specifically treating a certain body region to reaffirm and shape that area.

In the specific case of the Y-shaped drainage table, the most recommended application is for the areas of the neck, both in the front and the back, the chin commonly known as the "double chin", at face level, in the upper limbs and in the lower limbs, especially in the back of the legs, commonly known as the "calf".

In the regions of the face and neck, characterized by a reduced muscular mass, unlike other parts of the body, it reactivates the production of elastin and collagen and favors blood circulation, which favors the invigorating effect it causes.

The Y-shaped drainage table helps to obtain the ideal skin shape in the treated area, producing a kind of circulatory drainage to achieve optimal toning of the dermal layers. It helps in this way to eliminate fat from different areas of the body without the need to resort to surgery.

On the other hand, it is a non-invasive and natural technique, with highly positive effects to counteract the presence of cellulite, eliminating the orange effect shown by the skin in these cases and shaping the affected area at the same time. There are references that in case of cellulite, positive results are seen between the second and third session, as long as the application has been done with precision and by people qualified for this purpose.

Its use is also extended to the bust area, where when the massage is applied with the Y-shaped draining table, adding the application of toning oils, a shaping effect is obtained and an increase in the size of the bust can be achieved. It is also effective in reducing fat located in the waist and abdomen.

The experience of the experts in the use of the Y-shaped drainage table, recommend that prior to the use of this instrument it is advisable to perform a lymphatic massage to adjust the skin and help remove the fat, then a reductive massage using essential oils, and finally make use of the massage with the Y-shaped drainage table, with which a more appropriate pressure is applied and you have access to sites difficult to shape only with your hands.

This technique can improve muscle agility, providing greater vitality, producing an effect of calm and relaxation, as well as helping to improve the physical appearance of the person treated.

It is important to emphasize that the guaranteed effects of this therapy are increased if accompanied by a healthy diet and physical exercise, not only during the treatment but it is necessary to persist in these two aspects as therapy of maintenance of the obtained objectives.

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Y-shaped drainage board for wood therapy treatments