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Hand and foot reflexology probe for wood therapy treatments

Reflexology probe for feet and hands is used for muscle distension, improving movement and motor skills, improving 100% night's rest. It is used in therapeutic and reflexology treatments, vasodilatation and in hormonal balance treatments.  

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This ingenious reflexology probe for feet and hands is implemented in wood therapy treatments in order to obtain muscular distension and helping to improve the rest at night together with the motor capacity. It is ideal for reflexology and therapeutic treatments, such as achieving hormonal balance and vasodilation.

This recognized instrument is made with special woods, capable of activating the energy in each user with an anatomical design that molds to the hands and feet without producing in their tissues some type of injury, helping in such a way to their regeneration. In other words, it is an instrument that is implemented in reflexological points to provide the user with non-invasive therapeutic effects.

In order to use this Reflexology Probe for hands and feet properly, you must take it in your hands and move it between them as if you were rubbing each other. In this way you will achieve an improvement in motor capacity and an incredible feeling of relaxation, avoiding some injuries such as tendinitis and inflammation in the carpal tunnel.

As for its use in the feet, the probe should be placed on the floor and on this rubbing the soles of the feet, massaging them, its conical design makes it ideal for stimulating the reflex points of the area. It provides benefits such as reducing and preventing muscle inflation for different reasons, as well as improving motor capacity through the stimulation of the central nervous system.

Reflexology is applicable in Woodworking therapy through massage techniques in both hands and feet, reducing the fatigue generated in these areas by stress and excessive work or by suffering some deformation, also helps in the control of certain eating disorders and activates fertility. It should be noted then that this reflexology treatment of wood therapy turns out to be completely natural and does not cause any aggression in the organism of the user.

It is important that you know that Maderoterapia are holistic techniques of massages applied in an effective way in the activation of the cellular renovation, it tones up and it reaffirms diverse areas of the body, besides eliminating completely the cellulite at the same time that it helps to reduce measures and it molds the corporal contour. This treatment aims to provide tranquility, health, relaxation and welfare to the user through its various techniques.

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Hand and foot reflexology probe for wood therapy treatments